Funfly Sunday 25 September

Dear Member,


i previously informed you that I was unable to organise this Sunday's Funfly. I called for a volunteer to stand in my stead. No such volunteer was forthcoming.

i very much regret that the Funfly is cancelled.

kit Davidson

events Coordinator

SMFC Swopmeet Sunday 2 October

Dear Member,


You are reminded that the 2016 Swopmeet will take place in the clubhouse at 1200 on Sunday 2 October. Bring along your stuff, including your junk that may be coveted by someone new.

1100 Clubhouse open for set up.

1200 Sale commences. Please do not strike any bargains or make sales before 1200. This is in everybody's interest to get the best deal.

On completion - General flying.

Kit Davidson

Events Coordinator

Funfly 25 September

Dear Member,


i am am now unable to organise this last 2016 Funfly. I request a volunteer steps forward to take my place for this coming Sunday. It is easy! Flash up the BBQ, organise some crap prizes and the same old silly games. You know you can do it!

Kit Davidson

Events Coordinator

Possible Slope Soarer for sale

Hi All,

I notice there's a blue slope soarer with a Leicester Aeromodelling Club sticker on the tail, is it for sale?

Can the seller, replease reply back.

Thanks Andy

Aerotow this sunday 11th

Dear all, due to our impending house move and a couple of other contributing factors, I've had to cancel this weekends aerotow. Please fly as you normally would, albeit in what looks to be a strong old blow! Cheers, Elliot.