Weather Station

I am pleased to announce that the SMFC weather station is now installed and live. You can view real time weather at Forton field by going to the Weather Underground website:  
The weather station contacts and updates the weather underground website every 45 seconds, if you click on the small 'gear wheel' at the top right of the web page, you can choose between metric or imperial display. Our thanks to the talented Richard Golding for building this project.


MISSING - Club trainer's receiver

Hi Members,

Can the member who borrowed one of the club's trainer models receiver, please return it, ASAP.


SMFC Committee

STILL MISSING - The clubs generator fuel container

First posted back in October.

Can the borrower of the clubs fuel can, please return it.


Committee meeting minutes 08.01.17

Minutes attached.

BMFA Multi Rotor Examiner Turorial

Multi Rotor pilots should watch and absorb this.