Committee meeting minutes 20.11.16

Minutes attached:


The function room at the Wingfield Arms is booked. There will be food, curries (veggie and non veggie) with rice and chips, all at the bargain price of £6, payable on the night. Agenda to follow but to keep AOB under control it would be helpful if members could submit proposals to the secretary in advance? The 69th BMFA AGM is being held on 19/11/16, for more details please contact the secretary.

2016 SMFC AGM:

Date: Friday 25th November 2016:

Start: 19:00

Venue: The Wingfield Arms, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY4 1EB

Committee meeting minutes 2016

2016 Committee meeting minutes attached.



MISSING - The generator fuel container ??

Hi All,

The club generator fuel container has been borrowed, can the borrower please return it!



ACTION REQUIRED - Potential new Government rules to restriction model flying

Hi All,

You should all watch these video's, and then I hope each and everyone of you will sign the online petition, if you don't you will potentially not be flying RC models bigger 250grams, your speed could be limited to 54Km/hr, you'll not be flying more than 100m from you and your max height will be restricted to 50m. Other rules may well be considered.

FYI: Don't think these rules applying only to DRONES, they apply to UNMANNED vehicles, that means planes.

So here are the important video's for you to watch

And here

And the petition we should all signed.

I've signed.